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'We were converted from children of the empire to Commonwealth citizens to foreigners and immigrants.'


Joyce Estelle Trotman



'There were all these little cards in windows that said, "No blacks". Up to now, after fifty years in this country, I would be apprehensive going up to anybody’s step in case the person who owns that house is white'.


Waveney Bushell


grant cover_C&W Willy & Burleigh.jpg-Wilford Augustus Lawson and Burleigh-Daytrip to Margate 1965

Homecoming-Voices of the Windrush generation

'The voices in Homecoming sing throughout the book but they also reverberate pain, for so many are recounting stories they do not want to remember. Listening to them, I see again the tears my father shed when in doubt about his decision to claim England as his home'-Hazel V Carby, The Daily Telegraph


'The dreamers and adventurers who sailed to the UK from the Caribbean after the second world war aren’t getting any younger; their memories need to be kindled and teased out.

Grant is the writer to do justice to their lives.'-Sukdev Sandhu, The Guardian

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