Colin Grant

Blank Page

'I arrive to doubtful connections,

to questionable paths,

to faces with obscure

disclosures, with reticent

voices, not clear why'.


James Berry's 'New World Colonial Child


'If I dream tonight, you can bet your life it will be about Jamaica'.


Donald Hinds in Journey to an Illusion


'We were converted from “Children of the Empire” to “Citizens of the Commonwealth” to “Foreigners and Immigrants”'.


Joyce Estelle Trotman


'There were all these little cards in windows that said, "No blacks". Up to now, after fifty years in this country, I would be apprehensive going up to anybody’s step in case the person who owns that house is white'.


Waveney Bushell


grant cover_C&W Willy & Burleigh.jpg-Wilford Augustus Lawson and Burleigh-Daytrip to Margate 1965

Homecoming-Voices of the Windrush generation